Secrets Of The Hidden Abbey Of The Iubhar Cinn Tragha. Lost Tara
A Mediedval Irish Abbey Still Under English Seige.

By Oliver Curran
1996- 2013 An Irish, Local,Historian, &  Artist
Old Newry Photo. Inside the bakery which was really the abbots choir.  The arch for the monks choir bench is here, being bricked up, by Newry & Mourne

Sunday Telegraph Reveal's Newry's Fake Castle
This page will be updated soon with my new findings in regard to our once great abbey. I van assure you however that there are many buildings of this abbey in situ today, the proof is in the pudding as they say. These buildings I speak of have been changed over the years naturally, but thankfully my indebth research has revealed they are still with us. The one of most Interest is the great church of the Cistercians, during its journey it was used by Marshall Bagenal to house his horses and cows, it was attacked twice by Shane O Neill as he rid Newry of Bagenal and his men.  it was used as a bakery since 1896.  Before this date it was a seed house belonging to a family called Doyle. However at bothe these later stages in time, it retained a cross under the pinicale of the roof.
Below is the he site of the abbots tower house see home page for recent up date ,(top of Mill Street)  for years known as Creelys Castle. Creely was the abbot of Newry during Elizabethian times, he ended life as a protestant, his Newry Hiers were made rich by his actions on behalf of the crown.  It was a quite a residence, the envy of all in the Mournes. The building became Hills Castle of Newry, and also Needhams Castle. It was never Bagenals place of residence.   These remains were swept away around in 1965.
Lord Cecils drawing of the two buildings which stand in Castle Street today, this drawing was done after he recieved the Robert Lythe plan of Newry from Bagenal and Lord Sidney. He painted the truth of what we had there at this date 1580. These are the buildings which Newry and Mourne claim to be a Bagenal tower house supposedly built 20 years befor this drawing of Cecil, dont forget just who Cecil was at this date, he comissioned all maps in Ireland baring none, every map that came out of Ireland came through his hands.  The small building to the right (SADLY NOW A FAKE CASTLE)  is the Celtic church of Newry 950ad. The one to the left is the great cistercian church of Newry founded in 11??, not as most think 1157. If you dont know,dont guess :)

It may be interesting to some that at the founding of the newry church there are no officials from the cistercians as was the norm, none from Melifont of which this Abbey is supposed to be a daughter house. Ive said it before and I will say it again it isnt a daughter of Melifont.  You may also be unaware that Finn O Gormam who became the first abbot of Newry in 1137, was at the founding in 1153, where in he carried the staff of Saint Patrick and or Christ , before he attended the ceremony he was a canon, on leaving the same hed taken on the much higher role of Bishop, this achieved by bringing into play, the Celtic Saint Patricks foundation of Newry. He left Newry abbey a fully fledged Bishop with the former power of Saint Malachy.
Not only does this show us the status of Newrys ancient beginnings, this happening confounds the Saint Patrick visit to Newry. To have 3 heading on a charter, that of Saint Patrick, St Benidict and that of the Cistercians is basically unheard of.  Other things mentioned in this charter , like the fact that the monks here were cistercians who made it plain that they believed they were building on earlier foundations.
Cistercian Great Church of Newry, 1153, 145 feet long when it was built. It was founded by O Caroll King of Oriel. While Mc Loughlin aspiring high King & was also at this foundation, he was at odds to some degree with O Caroll. Mc Loughlin was not High king at this date.The quarell between them expanded at a later date,when Mc Loughlin was killed.